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Please ensure:

1) AM-PM, Addresses, City/Town must ALL be included (in the notes section) and double checked to make sure your chauffer receives the most accurate information possible.

2) Times must ALL be double checked to make sure all traveling can be completed in the allotted time you are booked for. All times on your timeline form MUST match the times you were originally booked for (indicated on contract).

3) Also, it is recommended that you wait until you know the pickups, drops, and times with accuracy before submitting this form. The form must be submitted NO LATER than 3 days before your function!

** The following timeline is final. Please double check ALL entries as wrong addresses or details could result in extra charges to client. **

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General Information






Liquor Menu

As the holder of an ALGC license we are required to purchase all liquor being consumed in our limousines including liquor outlet stops, with the exception of wine and champagne. Liquor stops will be part of your contracted time. Please submit the following liquor menu should you require our staff to have it ready in the limousine for you.

All liquor prices are based on $4.00 / 1.5 ounce drink for house brands and $5.00 / 1.5 ounce for premium brands.


Vodka (House)

Vodka (Premium)

Rye (House)

Rye (Premium)

Scotch (House)

Scotch (Premium)

Rum (Dark, House)

Rum (White, House)

Rum (Spiced, House)

Pop Selection

Beer Selection


Bacardi Breezers



Once this form is submitted, your alcohol selection is final. NO REFUNDS ON SELECTED ITEMS!

Underage drinking is strictly prohibited inside of our limousines. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR I.D. READY FOR DRIVER!

AGLC rules dictate that alcohol not consumed, whether opened or not MAY NOT be taken with passengers after the limousine has reached its final destination. So please choose your selection and quantities carefully. Overages left in limousine may be picked up at our office within 2 days.

Thank you, Revolution Management.